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Raw Honey Health Benefits and Uses

Unprocessed honey has been used around the world for thousands of years for its natural ability to heal, and more recently to promote a healthy lifestyle. Honey is used for treating stomach ulcers, skin rashes and abrasions, allergies, and healing burns. Honey also has anti-cancer properties.  The list of benefits of honey doesn’t stop there. […]

Super Apple

How would like like to make an apple a SUPER APPLE!!!???….NO I don’t mean GE or GMO…but an apple that will make you feel more energetic, open respiratory, stimulate metabolism, increase stamina, impact immune system to ward of free radicals…and  above all else TASTE REALLY GOOD!!!!! This is what you do…get some wine….add blackberry ( […]

Apple – Health

A major review study published in the Nutrition Journal provides dozens of reasons to enjoy an apple every day. A review study is one that looks at the results of many other studies. This one included an analysis of 85 studies. Apples were found to be most consistently associated with a reduced risk of cancer, […]