Super Apple

How would like like to make an apple a SUPER APPLE!!!???….NO I don’t mean GE or GMO…but an apple that will make you feel more energetic, open respiratory, stimulate metabolism, increase stamina, impact immune system to ward of free radicals…and  above all else TASTE REALLY GOOD!!!!!

This is what you do…get some wine….add blackberry ( or any of your favourite berry  )  blend in blender with a1/2  cup of wine. then when blended pour into a bowl.

Next take clove, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper put in 1/8 of a teaspoon of each and swirl in the wine berry mix.

Next take a apple….peel it unless you picked it yourself of a tree ( here where I live you can do this …but for any store bought apple I peel)slice into bit size slices,  add a teaspoon of aloe vera with this, mix well til all the apple is covered and saturated with the mix….eat the effect is amazing…you will feel circulation , body heat, breathing improves, circulation improves, pain diminishes, energy and alertness is increased, antioxidant levels are through the roof, anti cancer fighting levels are through the roof, repairing and removing tissue is more effective, regular bowl movements can be a result as well, intestinal health, anti parasitic, anti viral, can reverse pylori….and this is all done with an Apple..

By the way you have just made your self an Antioxidant, that if you bought a health food store would cost you 30.00$ and you made it for yourself for about 1.50…do you think you could enjoy this and call it a “Health Food” and you can give this to kids as well. Bon appetit And remember…”An Apple a day can Keep the Medical cost Away”