Health Recipe and Information

Take a pineapple, apple and ginger(about a 6 inch piece or smaller depending on how strong you want this) Skin the ginger. Now juice them or blend them( if you blend them then use a strainer afterwards to filter them ) then pour contents into a GLASS jar, use a half an ounce throughout the day, this will clean up a host of things and not only assist the heart but also clean up the arteries off blood clots, keep the permeability of the blood vessels so they don’t get rigid and stiff, has antioxidant effects not only on the heart and the eateries but as well as the liver, lungs, spleen and gall bladder. It will help in digestion, and keep the intestinal tract in fine order.

Here is another recipe, You take garlic, 6-7 bulbs, 3-4 apples skinned, and ginger (again 4-6 inches in length) skin the ginger, juice them all separately, and what you have you can isolate in separate bottles. Mix 1 part of each into a separate bottle so you have 1 part apple juice, 1 part ginger, and 1 part garlic. Shake well, label this and use 1 teaspoon of this several times a day. This will help asthmatics, bronchial issues, circulatory issues, digestive issues. Immune system strengthener, Heart restorer, cholesterol lowering effect, anti fungal, antioxidant, antibacterial, artery strengthener, oxygenator to the brain especially you will feel it there, can help dramatically with meniere’s, system immunizer, gall bladder, liver, muscle tissue( can alleviate the inflammation from over worked muscles)anti arthritic, will remove toxic build up of metals, and a slight cleanser.

A merry heart doeth good like medicine….Guard well thy heart for from it flows the wellsprings of life…no truer words have been spoken…yet today people are having heart illnesses from a country that at one time never had this issue. That in 1930 when a german doctor came to the USA with his electrocardiogram, the medical field told him” find another line of work” To a point today we are having open heart surgery, and giving people drugs that are totally unnecessary GET RID OF SUGAR, processed pasteurized, and packaged.  What has been found out that sugar causes all the issues that are problematic to the arteries , as well blood vessels, pancreas, thyroid , and feed a host of fungus yeast and cancer.

This impacts the heart as well, the one thing sugar will do is convert into a fat that will cause inflammation, and blockages in the arterial walls, and eventually target the heart. What can we do to avoid the “MEDICAL MANIA” on cutting you open, or hooking you on a drug. Does diet play a role? does life styles? does emotional, or spiritual issues play a role? the answer is yes but maybe in not the way you may think. Eating foods that are fat free will actually make your heart weaker, and less effective, you need cholesterol, but where cholesterol can be a factor is if cholesterol starts to break down, there are things to take as a preventative to keep cholesterol flowing and to be utilized as it should, such as bay leaf, rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, vitamin E ( soy free) l carnitine, egg yolk lecithin, beta carotene, alpha lipoic acid, CQ10,  garlic , ginger, black and red peppers, teas such as a green tea, hawthorn berry, red wines, proline, taurine, arginine, and again taking in things that are chemical or hormonal free. Foods that can also support the heart are Butter, Olive oils, Safflower oils Walnut oils, Sesame oils ( unroasted ) Coconut oils, wheat germ oil, lean grass fed meats, pineapple, papaya, apple, walnuts, cocoa, tomato,  parsley and vegetable high  in vitamin C and beta carotene, B vitmains in particular B1, B6, B12, and folic acid and Biotin and inositol, the B  vitamins as well as antioxidants and aminos are all key to the well being of the heart.

Minerals that are essential are magnesium, selenium, potassium, silicon, zinc, calcium and copper. so as you can see a good majority of things are already out, where you can purchase or have access to that can keep you from heart are some recipes that might be useful in keeping a healthy heart: Take 200 mgs of magnesium with 200 mgs of potasium with taurine,  this will strenghten the heart muscles,  another recipe is to take green tea and rosemary with thyme, and make a tea of it, this will regulate heart pressure, enhance the ability of keeping things from not sticking. and keep a healthy heart pumping regular, another recipe is take bay leaf and ginger and hawthorn berry as a tea or even to cook with garlic ginger and red pepper, these are both beneficial to help the cholesterol from breaking down and creating a free radical.

Now another tidbit of cholesterol, it actually protects the blood vessel and assist in insulating the walls especially if there are any bio markers indicating a damaged blood vessel. It’s when the Cholesterol breaks down that is the problem with cholesterol. the arterial damages are the real problem that arises.So hear you might want to keep these particualr foods or supplements on the high end of your diet. Olive oil wheat germ oil,  safflower oil, garlic, wine, onion, pineapple. apple, papaya, and specific herbs. here is another recipe for you that will keep circulation and arterial health up. take a bottle that is empty, pour in half of wheat germ oil and olive oil, in the empty bottle, and then shake and use 1 – 3 teaspoons a day.  or you can take Walnut oil and cq10 and l carnitine and mix that in butter, and then spread that on your oatmeal or rye bread( soy free) another recipe is to take yogurt with fat and add to it folic acid, b6, b12, and biotin and B1, this will increase the bioavailability of the B vitamins and they will reduce homocysteine, increase cellular energy for the heart as well as muscle output for the heart  you can substitute kefir for yogurt. you can take butter and put in Cq10 and red pepper or an extract of rosemary, sage, thyme, or bay leaf. this will make the butter rich in antioxidants and increase the effect of butter which has vitamin e, omega 3, vitamin d and CLA in it. you can have wine with your grass fed meat which has antioxidant levels from the wine to protect the heart and a 16:1 ratio of omega 3’s in the meat ( higher then fish)  So as you can see, your heart has all the things it needs, to be physically fit and Drug free.

SUGAR is the Killer here, and SO is SOY, and Canola. Sugar causes an excess of fats ( bad fats) to accumulate in the arteries, and increases the inflammation in the arterial  walls. SOY depletes the body of vital minerals that keep the heart healthy, such as magnesium and B12 and vitamin E.( and aspartame = cellular death) so as you can see everything that is here, and has already been here works, it’s when the petro chemical companies and the pharmaceutical companies got involved , that is when the health issues became a problem. when chemicals were substituted for food, example fruit sugars for white sugar and then finally aspartame ( ant pesticide) and now splenda a chlorinated sugar ( which can cause kidney dysfuntion) we wind up with weak hearts as a result of damaged internal organs, pancreas, thyroid, intestinal and liver and kidney.

You damage one part of the body anywhere along the way, you impact others and weaken the system. it is like taking a pillar out fom a buildings foundation, the structure becomes weak and overtime collapses….this is what has been designed by the institutions, that want your dollars. imagine if a person who has cancer is worth 2 milion to the cancer medical field, what do you think you are worth, being sick with a heart? Now there are other things as well that you need to consider, do you hold grudges? do you forgive easy? do you try to give and offer yourself in ways that are rewarding to you and the reciever? Attitude on life and living also play a key role. I am not here to judge a belief system or direct you to any religion, in fact the contrary may be  offered. find what works and what is true, and has substance. This will also impact your heart in a positive way as well Keep in mind you have many options and tons of ways to do what is suggested, so apply these things, and in all things start small and see what works for you, and remove the soy and the sugars, and the canola…

Here are some things to give you a perspective on heart health. Cholesterol is not and never was an issue. What is the real issue has always been factors from the gut that can clog the arteries and cause damage to the arterial walls. Let me explain…. When you consume things that cannot be processed by the digestive system, the internals will release toxins and poisons. These can accumulate in the arterial walls and capillaries, causing cholesterol to harden. This will cause the heart to strain in its functions. The arteries assist the heart in moving the blood through your body.  As a result of a flexible blood vessel the heart works less. The blood vessels work like mini pumps.They flex and ease the blood to flow,but as you clutter the arterial walls this can in turn cause an inefficient reaction to the flow of blood. Cholesterol comes into play as a result of damaged arteries or blood vessels. The cholesterol comes in and acts as a barrier to alleviate the stress on the blood vessels. This stops the blood from leaking, or damaging the vessel even more. In turn it allows for the body to repair the damaged vessel. Where the cholesterol can be detrimental, is that it starts to “periodize” or start to break down and get sticky. When this happens, the cholesterol will bind with calcium and other materials that will do more damage to the vessels.

Everything has a reaction! you start at one end of the Body and cause it to become dysfunctional. This in turn will affect another part of the body causing further damage.

What we need to know…

1st thing Stop eating things that are indigestible, toxic, plastic, or synthetic. You are not a garbage disposal unit! This may come as a shock to those in the Corporate world, but as a rule of thumb we are all human and need foods that are biologically agreeable with our chemistry and not their convenience

2nd thing, Start eating things that are suited to being easily digested, that are highly enzymatically alive, easy to assimilate and assist in the regeneration of cell life or strengthens cells, so that they will function as they should.

3rd thing Make sure what you eat is clean, uncontaminated, not dead ie meat or fish sitting in a market for 2 weeks, foods that have so much chemicals that it takes a month to break down, margarine or hydrogenated fats. GMO’d or GE’d foods will definitely cause an impediment in your endocrine and lymphatic or central nervous system.