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Simple Oats

Yields1 Serving

 Chia seeds (1 dessert spoon per person)
 Coconut oil (1 dessert spoon per person)
 Nut Milk
 Coconut/non-dairy yoghurt
 Cinnamon (1 tsp per person)
 Handful of mixed nuts/seeds
 Optional: berries of your choice

Basically cook your regular amount of oats in WATER. Not milk. WATER.


So add the oats and water to a pan and bring to a simmer and then add the chia seeds. Cook until it’s a touch too dry for your liking and then stir in a splash or two of the nut milk (I love coconut milk, but any other non-dairy milk is fine).


Remove from the heat and then stir in the coconut oil, cinnamon and a dollop of the non-dairy yoghurt. Top with the nuts and seeds and then finish with blueberries or strawberries if this is part of your fruit for the day (I recommend keeping your fructose intake down so 1-2 serves of in-season fruit per day).


Just swapping the 250ml of milk per person, taking out the sugar/honey, and adding in chia (omega 3 and extra fibre to support digestion, brain function, metabolism, heart health), coconut oil (MCT oils for metabolism, lowering bad cholesterol and brain function) and cinnamon (speeded metabolism, lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors) – you’re turning a ‘regular’ breakfast into a SUPER ALKALINE BREAKFAST.